Environmental Strategy

Environmental Strategy

For PPC, the protection of the Environment constitutes main priority. The Corporation takes all appropriate measures and implements fully the EU and national environmental legislation aiming at the reduction of the environmental footprint from its activities, that is, the minimization of the environmental impact from its activities to the Environment in the areas where lignite mines and power generation plants are operating.

Apart from the obligations derived from environmental legislation PPC realizes projects and initiatives which contribute positively to the protection of the Environment.

PPC Environmental Strategy is aligned with the aims of the energy policy of the European Union and the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change for 2020 and the structural interventions for climate change as well as the protection of the environment.

PPC’s Environmental Strategy guidelines are the following:

1. Dealing with climate change

PPC follows an integrated strategy for the reduction of carbon dioxide CO2 emissions contributing constantly to the achievement of the national goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation.

For the reduction of CO2 emissions the Corporation realizes investments for the construction of new sophisticated thermal power Plants to replace old ones, for improvement of the environmental behavior of the operating thermal power plants, promotes actions for saving energy, and keeps its commitments for the Kyoto Protocol contributing constantly to the achievement of the national goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Power plants of PPC under the European Emissions Trading Scheme GHG ETS, which is an essential tool for European policy to reduce emissions

2. The development of hydroelectric projects – Projects of Renewable Energy Sources

PPC `s hydroelectric projects exploit domestic energy resources, reduce the foreign energy dependency and at the same time substitute fossil fuels. They also contribute to the upgrading of the natural environment with the creation of new ecosystems of high environmental and aesthetic value.
PPC Renewables S.A., PPCR,  is 100% subsidiary of the PPC, continues the tradition of PPC, which is the first company in Greece with since 1982 has been active in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, (RES). PPC Renewables aims play a leading role in sector of domestic RES power.

3. The protection of the atmosphere, water systems, ground, biodiversity in areas where lignite mines and power generation plants are operating.

4. Waste management according to the environmental legislation in force.

5. Innovations

PPC Group through PPCR develops innovative solutions in alternative power generation fields such as hybrid systems and biomass. The Ikaria Hybrid Power Plant is constructed by PPCR. 
Apart from the obligations deriving from the National Legislation, PPC participates also in initiatives and research programs undertaken voluntarily and also implements relevant actions. The following are mentioned indicatively:

 PPC has signed the EURELECTRIC Declaration on climate change ( )

 PPC has signed "Seal the Deal" UN Campaign
( )

 PPC is member of WORLD BUSINESS COUNCIL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, WBCSD, which expresses globally position of Corporations on aspects of Sustainable Development. Within the framework of WBCSD, it participates in the WG Electric Utility for issues relative to energy efficiency and smart grids and in WG Water for issues relative to water management.
( )

    PPC participates in EURELECTRIC ENERGY WISDOM Programme so as to promote actions referring to the improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions contributing to the medium-term and long-term EU goals for energy and environment
( )

 PPC participates in GREEN e-motion of European Green Cars Initiative EGCI
( )

 PPC submitted an action plan to improve energy efficiency in two corporately owned commercial buildings used as customer service points within the European “Green Building” Program for energy efficiency and certification of buildings
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