Comments on Press Articles

Comments on Press Articles

                                                                 PRESS  RELEASE

Regarding press reports on comments made by PPC's Chairman and CEO, Mr.  Panagiotakis, to journalists in the sidelines of the “Athens Energy Forum”, PPC S.A. clarifies the following:

The Chairman and CEO reiterated the Company’s position that, a) no generation unit is for sale and b) serious investors are welcome to join forces with PPC in joint ventures in order to invest in the construction of the second unit at Florina, and -possibly- for the upgrade of the lignite plant in Amyntaion.

It is evident that said position, which in any case is clearly growth oriented, is not in any way related with the scenario of “Small PPC”, which consisted of the sale of a group of lignite, natural gas and hydro units equal to 30% of PPC’s capacity and the compulsory transfer to Small PPC of 30% of PPC’s customers. 

Athens, February 4, 2016

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