PPC lignite mines in Ptolemais and Megalopolis provide lignite for power generation, which is the most important energy source for the Greek economy. The electrification of the country has depended on lignite since the establishment of the Public Power Corporation.

Lignite is found in great abundance in the Greek subsoil. In terms of lignite production, our country ranks second in the European Union and sixth worldwide. Based on total deposits and the anticipated future rate of consumption, it is estimated that the domestic lignite reserves will last more than 45 years.
To date, a total of 1.3 billion tons of lignite have already been mined, while exploitable reserves total approximately 3.1 billion tons.
In 2006, a total of 62.5 million tons were mined, a record since the commencement of the mines' operation.

Today, the 8 PPC lignite power plants represent 42% of the country's total installed capacity and generate nearly 56% of the country's electrical energy.

The utilization of domestic lignite in power generation also contributes to a significant saving of foreign currency reserves (approximately 1 billion dollars annually). Lignite is of strategic importance for PPC, because of the low cost of extraction; it guarantees a stable and easily monitored price, and offers both stability and security in the availability of fuel supplies. At the same time, the utilization of lignite provides thousands of jobs throughout the Greek countryside, where high rates of unemployment prevail. Therefore, lignite has contributed significantly to the growth of the Greek National Product.
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