Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Policy

PPC’s strategic goal is to assure its sustainable operation and development satisfying, at the same time, the requests of all interested parties in a balanced way, providing integrated, innovative, high quality services and products to its customers, excellent work environment to its employees, mutual benefit relations to suppliers and collaborators, creation of new financial values to shareholders, respect and protection of the environment, as well as economic growth and social prosperity to society.

For the achievement of its strategic goal, PPC is committed to make constant efforts for the improvement of its economic, environmental and social performance.

For this purpose, PPC is aiming at long-term enhancement of its economic value, through good corporate governance, acting with transparency in all procedures and actions of its institutions. The Corporation’s Administration participates in identifying hazards and substantial issues of sustainable growth with the aim to deal with them in time and efficiently, while the Strategy Department is responsible for the planning, coordination, monitoring and publication of Corporation’s actions on sustainable growth.

PPC’s environmental strategy is harmonized with EU and Greek goals on energy policy for 2020 (the goals for 2020 are 20% generation from RES, 20% energy saving and 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions), the institutional interventions on climate change and the protection of the environment. For the implementation of its strategy, the Corporation has established and updated the Environmental Business Plan, the implementation of which is assigned to the organizational units having as an object the management of the environment. For achieving constant environmental performance, PPC develops Environmental Management Systems and proceeds to the certification of its installations.

PPC applies responsible practices of personnel administration and cares for adopting a modern work environment based on equal opportunities. PPC is committed to the assurance of its employees’ health and safety by applying relevant Health and Safety Management Systems at work, as well as by realizing equivalent training programmes.

PPC makes every effort to prevent and fight corruption not only in the way of its operation, but also in the selection of suppliers and collaborators. Additionally, it supports human rights and is clearly opposed to forced and compulsory child labour, as well as to every form of discrimination.

PPC provides its services to the Country’s consumers with responsibility, quality services and high level of service provision applying practices that aim at the optimization of its customers’ total benefit.

For the Corporation, offering to local communities is directly related to its business activity. For this purpose, PPC implements significant actions that are addressed not only to local societies in which it is activating but also to the entire society. Its significant social work includes series of actions which are realized in time and refer to athleticism, civilization, health and education.

According to the present policy, dealing with PPC’s operation as a whole contributes to face not only environmental and social issues with responsibility but also to enhance the Corporation’s economic value.

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