Associates, Contractors and Suppliers

Associates, Contractors and Suppliers

- Development of Information Technology systems for better management of contractors of the parent company as well as of its subsidiaries (e.g. the payment of the Transmission System contractors is realized immediately with “Gordios” - the contractors’ certification system - before the expiration of the time period for payment of their completed works to be expired).

- Establishment of general clause in all tenders binding contractors to keep the provisions of Labour and Social Security legislation for their personnel under the penalty of the agreement termination and their exclusion from all future tenders in case of continuous violation.

- Continuous communication with major providers for exchanging views regarding the behavior of the provided equipment and know-how.

- Keeping regular register on the suppliers of service and products giving the possibility to evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of the provided services and products.

- Uploading to the site of the Company, the Regulation on Projects and Supplies as well as the calls for tenders on projects and supplies so as to facilitate the immediate access of all interested parties.

- Uploading to the site the announcements of all tenders launched to public consultation having as goal the enforcement of the public dialogue for their final formation under the terms of complete transparency and objectivity.

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