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An all-in-one solution by PPC that includes specialised consulting and support at every stage of the process

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  • Free add-on services and equipment worth 540€
  • Immediate delivery and installation
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Access the PPC app, find the all-round solution that works best for you, and receive a customised offer.

PPC myEnergy SolarShare

Management of every stage of the process by PPC
Free add-on services and equipment
Immediate availability of equipment and immediate installation
Specialised consulting and support team at all stages
Reduction of electricity costs and CO2 emissions
Reliable, risk-free solution with proper operation warranty

PPC myEnergySolarShare is an all-round Photovoltaic System solution for Gross Metering with the reliability of PPC. The specialised consulting and support team will manage the whole process from start to finish.

The energy produced by the Photovoltaic System is offset against your home's consumption, significantly lowering electricity costs and carbon emissions.

Through the specially designed application, you can find the solution that best meets your needs and receive a personalised offer quickly and easily.

PPC handles everything for you!

The all-round PPC myEnergy SolarShare solution includes:

Photovoltaic Panels & required equipment

EGING PV and LONGi SOLAR manufacture high-quality monocrystalline PV panels with high efficiency and all necessary certifications. PV panels have a rated power of 550W, a 12-year product warranty, and a 25-year production guarantee. Furthermore, you get all the necessary installation equipment, such as mounts, cables, and so on. The mounts and the construction are covered by a 15-year warranty.

Power Converter

HUAWEI SUN2000 single-phase or three-phase inverter with a ten-year warranty. The one-way or two-way converter converts the DC power generated by the PV panels into AC power, which is then supplied to the home, the power grid, or the battery.

Research & Design

Experienced and specialised engineers carefully study and design each proposed PV System based on the data entered in the specially designed PPC application.


Crews with thorough expertise in Photovoltaic System installation will come to your home and complete the installation with speed, consistency, accuracy, and professionalism.

1-year operation warranty

A warranty of operation is provided with the installation of the Photovoltaic System, which includes access to a specialised support centre for reporting incidents with remote monitoring of correct operation and notification of any incidents of non-operation. For one year, any repairs resulting from system problems caused by material or installation failure will be free of charge.


Specialised consulting & support team

A specialized team will be available to you to answer any questions and respond to any requests.


FREE add-on services and equipment worth 340€

Monitoring app

The PPC myEnergy Coach monitoring app allows you to monitor your Photovoltaic System's production data in real time. As a result, you can see your financial benefit from the system's startup, allowing you to calculate the payback time of your investment fairly accurately.

Only PPC electricity customers can use the monitoring application.

Insurance and remote monitoring for a year

One-year full coverage of the PV installation against all potential risks, as well as coverage for revenue loss resulting from system non-operation due to covered and non-excluded risks. The insurance policy is activated following HEDNO'S connecting of the Photovoltaic System to the grid. Furthermore, qualified technical staff will remotely monitor the proper operation of the PV System and will immediately notify the owner in the event of a malfunction. Find the detailed insurance terms here (in Greek).

Licensed Electrician Certification

A certified electrician provides the required Licensed Electrician Certification.

Examples according to energy consumption
How to purchase a Photovoltaic System
  1. 1

    Individualised proposition and offer

  2. 2

    Research and design of the ideal Photovoltaic System

  3. 3

    Preparation of the HEDNO application and advance payment

  4. 4

    Approval of the application by HEDNO and signing of connection and Gross Metering contracts

  5. 5

    Repayment & Installation of the Photovoltaic System

  6. 6

    Photovoltaic System production begins

Useful documents

What is the PPC myEnergy SolarShare solution?

Your photovoltaic system generates electricity that is injected directly into the grid using the PPC myEnergy SolarShare solution (Rooftop Photovoltaics). The electricity generated is sold to the Energy Network at a fixed price of 87€/MWh (Government Gazette B 6351/2021), whereas the energy consumed by your home is the "absorbed" energy received from the Network, for which you will continue to pay every month.

The metering of the energy produced by the Photovoltaic System that is injected into the grid in its entirety occurs concurrently with the metering of the energy consumed, i.e. the same metering cycle is used for both. Payment for the energy produced, on the other hand, is made on the clearing electricity bill (and not on the bill issued against it). If the readings cannot be obtained on the scheduled metering date for any reason, the clearing will be completed as soon as the next regular metering is performed. Please see the link for more information on the Network Operator's exact metering procedure.


Can I install a Photovoltaic System at my house?

Yes, if you have an active household electricity supply in your name and free space (roof, roof, pergola). You must own and have legal use of the space where you want to install a PV System. According to the YA, a portion of the building's thermal needs for hot water must be met using renewable energy sources (e.g. existence of a solar water heater, solar thermal, etc.). Furthermore, the Photovoltaic System installation project must not be included in any funding programme (e.g. under the OP of the Partnership Agreement).

It is recommended for residences with low annual electricity consumption (4.000kWh), such as vacation homes, and requires approximately 45 m2 of available space for a 6kW Photovoltaic System). Furthermore, the written consent of the house's co-owners (especially if it's a block of flats) is required for the commitment of the space on the terrace or roof for the installation of the Photovoltaic System that will be connected to your supply.


How does a Photovoltaic System work if I choose the PPC myEnergy Solar Share product?

The photovoltaic panels generate electricity, which is then converted by the inverter and injected back into the grid.

myEnergy SolarShare


What are the advantages of installing a Photovoltaic System on my rooftop?

With PPC myEnergy SolarShare, you can install a Photovoltaic System with a maximum power of 6kW in an interconnected network (or up to 3kW in the non-interconnected network). For the next 20 years, all the electricity generated will be sold to the grid at a fixed price of 0.087€/kWh. The collected amount is deducted from the total amount owed on each clearing account of the electricity supplier with whom you have a contract. A 6kW PV system can generate around 9,000kWh per year. With the Ministerial Decision's compensation of 87 €/MWh, the annual compensation amount can reach 783€. If the total Actual electricity bill is in credit, the owed amount is credited to the owner of the PV System's bank account on the electricity bill's expiry date.


Why should I purchase a residential Photovoltaic System from PPC?

We provide our customers with complete Photovoltaic System solutions, which include:

  1. All-round service for the continuous operation of a Photovoltaic System in your home. From the initial customised proposal to installation, grid connection, and post-installation supervision to ensure smooth operation
  2. One-year insurance coverage. Insurance of equipment against natural disaster damage and compensation for lost revenue during the damage period. The insurance policy is activated following HEDNO'S connecting of the Photovoltaic System to the grid
  3. One-year guarantee of proper PV system operation
  4. Live visualisation of PV system production and consumption at your home (provided through PPC myEnergy Coach)
  5. Remote monitoring by a qualified technician for immediate notification of failure to the customer (1-year duration)
  6. Premium equipment from reputable and certified manufacturers
  7. Access to our own stock of Photovoltaic Systems, allowing for immediate installation


Is it necessary for me to switch providers after installing a Photovoltaic System?

You can always switch providers, but a new net metering contract must be signed with your new provider for the time remaining until the 20-year period from the date of your PV system's initial grid connection expires.


Can there be an issue with the insulation on my terrace or roof if I install a Photovoltaic System?

The Photovoltaic Panels installed on terraces are supported by special tie rods that are insulated with special chemical resins, preventing any water inflow. The Photovoltaic Panels installed on roofs are supported with special P-type brackets under specific tiles, and any holes drilled are also insulated with special resins.


I've heard that subsidised programmes for Photovoltaic System installation are on the way. Is this correct, and if so, can I benefit from the subsidy?

On 02.05.2023, HEDNO launched a platform where applications for Photovoltaic Energy Net Metering Systems grants may be submitted. It applies to Photovoltaic Systems with an installed capacity of up to 10.8 kW and a maximum production capacity of 10 kW in the Distribution Network, including the Non-interconnected Islands Distribution Network. To use the computerized platform, the applicant must enter their TaxisNet codes using GIS.

To gain access to the platform, visit

An important prerequisite for the grant application is that it be preceded by a Connection Agreement with HEDNO, which can be found here:


What steps should I take to complete my purchase?

  • Complete the steps on Photovoltaic System personalised offer tool
  • Accept the offer customised to the needs specified in the tool
  • Contact a qualified, personal PPC consultant who will explain the offer and go over all of the details of buying and installing a Photovoltaic System in your home
  • If you agree with our proposal, you must accept, sign, and return the Offer - Contract to the following email address:
  • A qualified PPC consultant will contact you to assist you in preparing the Photovoltaic System Installation Approval File for submission to HEDNO via, using the interested party's TaxisNet codes who must make a down payment on installation and equipment costs at the same time
    Note: To apply for a connection contract with HEDNO, an administrative fee of 370€ without VAT must be remitted to HEDNO
  • If HEDNO responds positively, the signed Connection Agreement will be registered on the HEDNO platform at using the interested party's TaxisNet codes.
  • The required documents must then be registered on the HEDNO platform, in order to complete the photovoltaic station's connection and activation


Required supporting documents:

  • Legal data of the applicant Self-producer

i. Copy of ID card
ii. TIN number and local tax office (both should be visible on the electricity bill)

  • Legal information about the station's location

i. A certificate of legal use documentation from a lawyer, in accordance with Article 18 of Law No. 4951/2022 (Government Gazette A' 129/04.07.2022), accompanied by the following:
ii. Title to the real estate of the station site (a copy of a notarial deed with a certificate of transcription at the land registry or with a certificate of transcription by a lawyer, or a copy of the cadastral sheet in the case of an operating land registry office).
iii. A topographical plan of the station's location ONLY IF it is outside the town planning zone
iv. The station's one-line electrical connection plan
v. A technical description of the station's electrical installation, including the layout
vi. Equipment technical manuals and certifications
vii. Completed Annex with station equipment technical data


Documents that will be required following the approval of the Connection Agreement by HEDNO:

1. Contract for Net or Gross Metering between the Self-producer and the Supplier

2. The Self-producer's written declaration on how the station will be supervised, the designation of the responsible technical staff during the station's operation, and contact information (address, phone, email, etc.)

3. Solemn Declarations of Greek Law 1599/1986, original and certified for the authenticity of the signature, or issued electronically through, stating that all works were completed in accordance with the Connection Agreement, the relevant provisions of urban planning and environmental legislation, the applicable regulations and provisions, and the Self-producer's rules of good craftsmanship

4. Solemn Declarations of Greek Law 1599/1986, original and certified for the authenticity of the signature, or issued electronically through, where the Self-producer states that:

i. the settings of all foreseen protections as installed according to HEDNO instructions, as well as that they will not be changed during the entire operation of the self-producer station.

ii. that the storage system will not exchange electricity with the grid and that its settings will not be changed for the duration of the cogeneration plant's operation (to be declared in the case of a cogeneration plant combined with a storage system).

iii. that the cogeneration plant will not inject electricity into the grid for the duration of its operation (to be declared in the event of no energy injection into the grid)

5. Any other supporting documents that may be included in the Final Offer of Connection

According to current legislation, HEDNO must respond to the request's legality within 15 days. Residential Photovoltaic Systems up to 10Kw receive a positive response to the connection request as a priority.


Following HEDNO’s positive response, the following steps must be taken:

  • Sign the Connection Contract by the Self-producer and post it on
  • Following the signing of the Connection Contract, HEDNO builds the connection works within one month of signing the Connection Contract, assuming no new network works, other than meter installation, are required
  • Contact a qualified PPC consultant to schedule the installation of the PV System
  • Repayment of installation and equipment costs
  • Delivery and installation of the equipment
  • Submit an application to the Electricity Supplier representing the consumption meter with which the energy offset will be made for the preparation of the Gross Metering Agreement
  • Sign a Settlement Agreement between the Self-producer and the Supplier
  • Application for photovoltaic power plant connection activation (to HEDNO)
  • Activation of the PV plant connection


What are the essential equipment and services?

  • PV Panels: EGING PV and LONGi SOLAR (Factory Warranty 12 years)
  • Inverter: Single Phase or Three Phase Inverter from Huawei (Factory 10 years)
  • Research, design, and installation of a PV system, including your home's HVAC system
  • 1st and 2nd Level Support for Queries and Problems
  • Remote monitoring by a qualified technician for the first year of system operation, with immediate notification in the event of a failure
  • One-year insurance on the equipment against damage and compensation for lost revenue during the failure period
  • System’s LEC, including the residence’s LEC by a certified electrical engineer


Definition of key terms

Absorbed electrical energy: Electricity absorbed from the grid and consumed in the installation is referred to as absorbed electrical energy.

Recorded electrical energy: The energy produced by the PV system and pushed to the grid because there were no corresponding consumptions by the house to absorb the PV system's generation.

Self-consumption: Self-consumption is when the electricity generated by PV is used directly to meet the energy needs of the home.

Synchronisation: Synchronisation refers to the situation in which the electricity generated by the PV system is consumed at the precise moment in time at the customer's installation. The percentage of energy produced that is used to directly meet the energy needs of the installation relative to the total consumption of the installation is used to calculate the synchronisation. The self-generator is charged neither electricity supply costs nor grid usage costs for the electricity self-consumed in the residence with a PV system.

Produced energy: the total amount of energy produced by the PV system, which can be used directly for home needs or injected into the grid.


There are shadowy spots on my roof. Will this affect the PV system output?

It is recommended to install special equipment (solar optimizers) to improve the performance of the PV System when shadows are created at the installation site or when PV panels are placed with different orientations. The cost of the specialised equipment is determined on an individual basis.


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