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Γ1Ν Home

30% discount on energy supply rates from 05.08.2021
5% consistency discount on supply charges
Reduced price during Off-Peak charging hours
No time commitment
Product description

Home electricity product, with no time commitment for customers with different consumption needs during the day. During reduced billing hours (Off-Peak Tariff), electricity consumption is charged at a reduced price.

Supply charges*
Consumption (kWh)
0-2000 kWh
Energy (€/kWh)
Consumption (kWh)
> 2000 kWh
Energy (€/kWh)
Single-phase supply fixed fee (€/4-month)
Three-phase supply fixed fee (€/4-month)

* Supply charges are subject to an adjustment clause.

Minimum Charge:
Single phase: €5,88/4-month
Three phase: €9,46/4-month

for customers who own a night meter
Energy (€/kWh)
Fixed fee (€/4-month)

* Supply charges are subject to an adjustment clause.

Minimum Charge:
Single phase: €5,88/4-month
Three phase: €9,46/4-month

Useful documents

What is the Off-Peak Tariff timetable?

The timetable of the Residential Off-Peak Tariff is defined by HEDNO.

Segmented timetable

Summer period (1st of May until 31st of October): 23:00-07:00

Winter period (1st of November until 30th of April):

  • 02:00-08:00 and 15:00-17:00 for customers connected to the Mainland Network and for the islands interconnected to it
  • 02:00-08:00 και 15:30-17:30 for customers in the non-interconnected islands with segmented timetable


Continuous timetable*

All year round: 23:00 until 07:00

* The Residential Night Tariff with continuous timetable all year round is no longer provided. It applies only to residential customers who already use the reduced night tariff before 1998 (provided that they did not ask for its change) or live in certain regions of the country where appropriate technical infrastructure of the distribution network does not exist; that is, Audio Frequency Remote Control system does not exist. You can get informed on the areas where AFRC system operates at the HEDNO local customer service points.


What do I have to do to apply for the Off-Peak Tariff?

In case you wish to apply for a Night meter, you need to:

1. contact HEDNO in order to:

  • submit the revelant application form
  • pay €34* plus VAT, which constitutes your participation to the expenses that occur in HEDNO


2. contact us in order to sign a new contract under your name.

* the cost is valid for 2022

Due to the pandemic, the procedure may have changed; you will need to contact HEDNO.

How can I find out the Off-Peak Tariff timetable for my property?

You can find out if you have segmented or continuous timetable by checking the supply meter. Specifically, if your meter registers consumption on the counter with the M indication (reduced tariff) or on the counter with the K indication (regular tariff) between hours 15:00 and 17:00 (from the 1st of November until the 30th of April), you will find out which tariff timetable you are using.

In order to find out whether you are integrated in the continuous or segmented timetable, you can address the HEDNO service point your property appertains to.

I am a new user (tenant/owner) of property; how can I get informed of the Off-Peak Tariff and its timetable?

A) By checking your bill:
On the front page of the bill appears "TARIFF: Γ1N RESIDENTIAL TARIFF". On the back page of the Actual bill, in the section "Your bill in detail", you will find in detail the "fixed night fee" and right below the charge for the energy in kWh consumed during off-peak hours. On the top left side, you will find in detail the readings of your meter, while in CODE 12 you will find your off-peak hours’ consumption.

B) By checking your supply meter:
You can check whether you have a dual-rate meter; in other words, whether there are two counters on your meter. One marked K and one marked M. Then, when the night tariff applies, whether your meter registers the consumption on the counter marked M.

C) By checking the distribution board at your home
In several cases there is an indicator light on the distribution board of your home which is connected to the additional service conductor.

Can I change the timetable of the Off-Peak Tariff?

From Continuous to Segmented
If you are using the Residential Night Tariff with continuous timetable, you can change it to Segmented timetable, but you cannot return to the previous one if you change your mind. This possibility applies for most areas of the country. To make this change, you are required to submit the relevant application form for changing the Off-Peak Tariff timetable (your ID and TIN no. are required) to your local HEDNO branch.

From Segmented to Continuous
This change is not possible because the Residential Night Tariff with continuous timetable is not available all year around any more (23.00 until 07.00).

Combine Γ1Ν Home with the add-on services by PPC

Discover our add-on services and enjoy multiple benefits!

Green energy is a step closer to your home!

Your home energy supply becomes sustainable easily and quickly.

Green energy is the future. The new GreenPass add-on service by PPC guarantees that the equivalent amount of energy you consume is generated and reserved from renewable sources.

  • The first 3 months are free of charge for applications submitted by 31.05.2022
  • Fixed fee of €0,80/month

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