Prepaid Bill Plan

Prepaid Bill Plan

Join the Prepaid Bill Plan and enjoy an extra 2% discount

Simply dial 800-900-1000 to find out how much needs to be prepaid and submit your request online via the 
contact form

The Prepaid Bill Plan offers a
2% discount on the electricity usage charges for those customers who opt to join the plan from January 1st 2020 and prepay one year’s electricity bills.

Combining this with other plans available, like the 5% discount for customers who pay their bills consistently, customers can enjoy up
to 7% off the electricity usage charges in their bills. 

1. Categories of customers who can join the Plan 

Professionals, businesses and households on the following tariffs can join the plan: 

• Residential tariffs
Γ1 and Γ1Ν, Business Tariffs Γ21, Γ22 and Γ23, as well as the low voltage Agricultural Tariff and the street and square lighting tariff
• Tariffs
ΒΓ, ΒΧ and ΒΥ, ΒΜ1, ΒΜ2 as well as medium voltage Agricultural Tariffs. 

The following categories of customers are not eligible for the Plan:

a) customers who already enjoy beneficial tariffs such as those on the Social Residential Tariff or the Solidarity Services Tariff, 

b) customers in the Roofs Special Plan (for roof-top photovoltaic panels) and self-producers of electricity who use net metering.

Customers with a repayment plan in place who want to join the Prepaid Bill Plan first need to pay off the total amount owed under their repayment plan.

2. How to join the plan 

1. Submit an application and sign the plan’s terms and conditions. This can be done online by filling out the relevant 
contact form, or at any branch of PPC or at Large Customer Service centres

2. Pay the agreed amount within 10 days of the date on which the application form and terms and conditions were signed 

3. Once that is done you will automatically be included in the Prepaid Bill Plan.

3. How is the amount to be prepaid calculated?

The Plan requires prepayment of all charges (electricity usage charges, regulated charges, charges payable to third parties) which are included in Estimated and Actual electricity bills for the latest year. 

To calculate the amount needed to be paid upfront, we look at historical data for each individual customer obtained from the PPC’s computer systems. In other words, we look at the level of Estimated and Actual bills during the previous year and extrapolate the total figure for a 12-month period.

4. How the
2% discount works 

2% discount is calculated on electricity supply charges in each Actual bill.

While the Plan is in effect only Actual bills for amounts actually used will be issued, to which a
2% discount will then be applied. Detailed information will appear in the bill about the amount offset against the sum which has been prepaid, and about the plan’s upcoming expiry, etc.

The 2% discount will apply until the prepaid amount has been used up. If the prepaid amount is not used up during a calendar year (a 12-month period) the plan will remain in effect for another 6 months until that amount is used up. After those additional 6 months, if there is any balance left, it will be credited to the customer’s account. 

Note that all existing discounts, such as the 5% discount for being a consistent payer, will continue to apply in addition to
the 2% discount.

- The Plan's term and Conditions (files in Greek)


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