Prepaid Bill Plan

Prepaid Bill Plan

Prepaid Bill Plan

Choose the Prepaid Bill Plan & benefit additional discount of 6%  

1. Prepaid Bill Plan

The Prepaid Bill Plan provides a discount of 6% on the Electricity Usage Charges of the bill to customers who choose to be integrated by paying in advance the electricity bills of one-year period.
Combining it with the other in force plans such as the Consistency Plan 15%, customers can benefit a percentage of 21% in total on the Electricity Usage Charges.

2. Categories of customers who can be integrated into the Plan

Professionals, businesses and households with the following tariffs can be integrated into the plan:
• Residential tariffs Γ1 and Γ1Ν, Business Tariffs Γ21, Γ22 and Γ23, Agricultural Tariff and Public Lighting for the lighting of streets and squares Tariffs in Low Voltage
• ΒΓ, ΒΧ and ΒΥ, ΒΜ1, ΒΜ2 Tariffs and Agricultural Tariffs in Medium Voltage.

It is not applied to customers who already have acquired tariff benefits such as customers integrated into the Social Residential Tariff, Solidarity Services Tariff, Large Family Tariff ΓΤ.
Also, it is not applied to customers who have an installment plan in force, and who have to pay the total amount of installment plan in order to be integrated into the Plan.

3. Procedure of Integration into the Plan

1. Visitation to any PPC Office or to the services for Major Customers.
2. Provision of information referring to terms and conditions of the Plan and to the amount of payment in advance.
3. Submission of the relevant request & signature of the terms of the Plan. 
4. Payment of the agreed amount within a period of 10 days from the application date
5. Immediate integration to the Prepaid Bill Plan

4. Calculation of the prepayment amount

The Plan refers to the prepayment of the total amount of charges (Electricity Usage Charges, Regulated Charges, Charges for Third Parties) that are included in the Estimated and Actual Electricity bills of the latest year.
The calculation of the amount of prepayment includes data derived from PPC’s IT system for each customer, that is, the amounts of the issued Estimated and Actual Bills of the latest year are taken into consideration referencing the total amount to the time period of 12 months.

5. Application of the discount of 6%

The discount of 6% is calculated on the Electricity Usage Charges of each Actual Bill.
The discount of 6% will be inforce until the elimination of the prepaid amount. If the prepaid amount is not eliminated within one calendar year (12months), the plan will continue to be inforce until its elimination for one more semester. After the additional 6 months period, if there is a balance remaining then it will be credited to the customer.
It is clarified that apart from the discount of 6%, an additional in force discount can be applied such as, for example, the consistency discount of 15%.

6. Update for the progress of the Plan ;

Within the period of the in force Plan only Actual Bills are issued in which the discount of 6% are mentioned distinctively and include useful detailed information referring to the amounts paid by the prepaid amount, the coming expiration of the plan etc.

- Terms and Conditions of the Plan 
- Application form for the Integration into the Prepaid Bill Plan (files in Greek)

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