Power disconnection due to relocation

Power disconnection due to relocation

If you are moving out from a property, you should submit an application form for termination of the Power Supply Contract tο the competent PPC office, so as to interrupt the issuance of the bills under your name otherwise, the bill issuance will continue and you will be responsible for their payment according to the relevant term on your contract.

Conditions required:

  • The bill should be issued under your name/company name
  • An electricity bill or the supply number of the property
  • company stamp
  • Company Statutes in which the appointment of the representative is stated
  • Identity card (or another official relevant document) of the official representative of the company
  • All obligations must be paid

The above procedure should also be realized by the legal representative presenting the following:

  • Certified authorization
  • Identification card

The FINAL BILL will be issued based on the meter readings and will include the consumption between the last meter reading of the “ACTUAL” bill and the final meter reading on the disconnection day. In the FINAL BILL calculation, the deposit against consumption paid on the date of the contract signature will be set off. THE FINAL BILL can be dispatched at the address of your choice as long as it is stated during the above mentioned procedure.

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