Disconnection of power supply due to relocation

Disconnection of power supply due to relocation

If you are moving out from a property, you need to submit an application form for termination of the Power Supply Contract to any PPC Sales office or call our customer support on 11770, in order to interrupt further issuance of bills under your company’s name/trade name, otherwise the bills will continue to be issued and you will be held liable  for their payment.

The bill must be issued under your company’s name/trade name.                                            

You should provide us with your Tax ID Number and submit the following supporting documents:

• an electricity bill of the property 

• the company’s Articles of Incorporation in which its representative/s is/are designated 

• photocopy of the ID card or passport of the legal representative

The aforementioned procedure may be carried out by a person authorized by the legal representative as long as he/she also submits the following documents: 

• authorization certified by the Police Station or by the Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP) or the competent Supervising Authority (e.g. Embassy, Public Body, Church) (original or copy) 

• photocopy of ID card or passport or residence permit/stay permit

During the above procedure you should provide us with the postal address to which the Final Bill will be sent. For your own convenience, you can provide us with the Supply Number of the property to which the company may move, so that any credit or debit balance of your final bill will be transferred thereto.

The FINAL BILL will be issued based on the last meter reading and will include any consumption between the meter reading appearing on the last “ACTUAL” bill that has already been issued and the last meter reading taken on the day that the disconnection took place. When calculating the FINAL BILL, the deposit amount paid upon contract signing will be offset.

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