Methods of bill payment

Methods of bill payment

    Choose the method of payment that is the most convenient to you!

•    At PPC stores

     Pay your bill at any PPC STORE, irrespective of the area of the supply. Find easily a PPC Store.

     You can now pay your bill at any PPC office using your card issue by National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank,
     Eurobank, Attica Bank and Cooperative banks.

•    Bill Payment with credit/debit card

     Pay your bill easily using your debit, credit or prepaid card issued by National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank,
     Eurobank, Attica Bank and Cooperative banks.

      Βill Payment with credit/debit card

•     Bill payment using your bank account

      Log into your bank's web site and follow the steps to pay your bill.

•     With Standing Order

      Fill in an application at your bank, to pay your PPC bill on its due date through a standing order.
      When the standing order is activated, the message ΛΟΓΑΡΙΑΣΜΟΣ ΕΞΟΦΛΟΥΜΕΝΟΣ ΑΠΟ
      ΤΗΝ (ΟΝΟΜΑ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑΣ) will appear on the front page of your PPC bill:

•    Via e-banking
      To pay your bill via e-banking it is necessary to have this service enabled at your bank. 
      Connect directly with one of the approved banks for the bill payment via internet (e-banking).

•   Via phone-banking

     To pay your bill via phone-banking it is necessary to have this service enabled at your bank

•    At ATMs of approved banks

    You only need to have cash card and know the E-Payment Code which remains the same in all the
     bill forms and it is mentioned on the top left on the front page of your bill.

•   At the cashier points of the approved banks

    PPC bills can be paid at the cashier points of the approved banks: National Bank of Greece (only for its customers),
    Eurobank Ergasias, New TT Hellenic Postbank, Piraeus Bank.

•   By paying in cash at ATMs

     Bill payment in cash, without necessarily owning a card or a bank account. Easily, as long as you
     have the bill with you or if you know the E-Payment Code mentioned on your bills on the top left
    on the front page of your bill.

    You can also find such machines at selected PPC Stores, where you can pay without waiting
    in the queue.

•  To Payment Services Providers

To the approved by the Bank of Greece Agents of Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions as defined by Law 4446/22.12.2016 on electronic transactions.

Indicatively, it is mentioned the network that covers all Greek territory, VIVA SPOTS by Viva Payments. You can visit the website or dial 13855 in order to find the points of sale.

Via SEPA remittance

For payments that are realized outside Greece, from the 27 EU member states and additionally from Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino using the elements of BIC ETHNGRAA and IBAΝ GR6901100400000004020086700.

In the remittance, it is necessary to fill the field that includes the Remittance Info and the 12-digit E-Payment Code which is located on the first page of your bill.

Apart from the bill payment at PPC stores, for the above mentioned alternative ways of payment, you are charged with a small commission that varies depending on the payment point. In certain cases these services are provided free of charge.

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