Monthly Billing

Monthly Billing

Choose our new Monthly Billing for households, professionals and small businesses, to receive and pay your bill every month! 

Register now for the  service and with a single click change the frequency that you receive your bill. 

The benefits  

• Receive your bills monthly
• Store your bills online
• Get free sms or email alerts once your bill is issued  

How it works

1. Bills are issued every month instead of every 2 months. Over the course of a 4-month period, 3 estimated bills are issued followed by one based on actual meter readings. 

2. Each month’s estimated bill is calculated taking into account the consumption of previous year’s corresponding period. 
Fees payable to the local municipality are calculated based on the number of days the bill relates to (e.g. 30 days). 

3. The final bill is calculated based on meter readings taken by HEDNO, having deducted the amounts already charged for electricity in the estimated bills.
4. You can only access your bills online and will no longer receive printed bills by mail (paperless billing).

What do you need to do?

If you are a household customer, professional or you have a business and you receive your bills every 2 months, just follow the simple steps below:
  • Register to our e-bill service
  • Choose  Paperless Billing
  • Choose Monthly Billing
*Terms and Conditions apply

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