Telephone numbers for Faults

Telephone numbers for Faults

The telephone number of the Fault Center is mentioned on the first page of your bill.

Telephone numbers for Faults
Attica Fault Centers

 Athens  10503 
 Piraeus  10504
 Peristeri  10505
 Mesogion  10506
 Elefsina  10507
 Philothei - Kifisia   10508
 Kallithea  10509

Thessaloniki Fault Centers

 Western Thessaloniki   10501
 Central Thessaloniki  10502
 Eastern Thessaloniki  10503

Regional Fault Centers

Dial this telephone number that covers each Prefecture from fixed telephones of OTE 1050 
Dial the telephone number that covers your region from fixed line or cellular phone of all providers Search here for the telephone number of your area

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