Change of Name/Company Name

Change of Name/Company Name


In this category you will find information relative to residences for coverage of needs exclusively for domestic use (washing machines, ironing, cooking, water heaters etc). The Residential Tariffs Γ1, Γ1Ν, ΓΤ (for large families) and Social Residential Tariff are provided to Residential Customers.

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Small/ Medium Business

In this category, you will find information relative to the following tariffs for small/ medium and Low Voltage businesses:

  • General Tariffs of Commercial Use (Γ21, Γ22, Γ23) for offices, shops, warehouses, infirmaries, public areas, shopping centers etc.
  • General Tariffs of Industrial Use (Γ21Β, Γ22Β, Γ23Β) for laboratories, craft industries, small industry enterprises, bakeries, etc), that belong to processing industries according to the Statistical Classification of Sectors of Economic Activity.
  • Public Lighting Tariffs (Τ-49, Τ-49/1, Γ4) and Agricultural Tariff – Reduced Tariff (Τ33/ΧΤ, Τ33Α/ΧΤ and other agricultural middle voltage tariffs)
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