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Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Use of this website
Public Power Corporation S.A., hereinafter called “PPC”, is the owner of the Website PPC keeps and provides for use the content and the services of this Website, pursuant to the following terms of use; users are requested to read carefully and accept these terms of use before visiting and using any webpages or services of the Website. Browsing and use of the present website implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms. 

The following terms and conditions of use of this Website as well any amendment thereto are subject to and completed by the Greek law, the EU law and the relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above terms, which is deemed to be contrary to the above legal framework or no longer applicable, ceases automatically to be effective and is removed from the present, without prejudice to the effectiveness of the remaining terms.

The terms and conditions of use of the present Website constitute the overall agreement between PPC and the user/visitor of its webpages and services and are binding solely and exclusively on the latter. No amendment to these terms of use may be valid nor form part of this agreement, unless described in writing and included in the present terms of use. Unless otherwise specified in the present Website, the following terms of use are immediately effective in their entirety.

PPC Website must be used exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The user/visitor of this Website shall be obliged to use it according to the law and the present terms of use. The user/visitor of this Website shall be obliged not to proceed to acts or omissions that may cause damage or disruption to the Website and affect or compromise the provision of services by PPC to the citizens.

2. Hyperlinks to the Website
PPC encourages users to create hyperlinks to its Website without being obliged to request permission by PPC. Nevertheless they are not allowed to embed PPC webpages in other websites via iframe. Each PPC webpage, to which a hyperlink of another website refers, must be loaded into its own window. 

3. Hyperlinks to third party websites
PPC shall not be liable for the content and reliability of third party websites to which hyperlinks in the present website refer, and does not necessarily share the views expressed in such websites. The third parties –owners of the websites, liable under the law- are exclusively liable for the content of their webpages, as well as for any damage arising from their use, when the user/visitor of PPC Website gains access to them. The user/visitor acknowledges that by visiting third parties’ websites, he quits the Website of PPC and is subject to their own terms of use. Moreover, PPC does not guarantee that the hyperlinks to third party websites will be available at any time nor can it control any content updating. 

4. PPC Liability Limitation - Disclaimer
All information posted on PPC Website is republished after consultation with the competent Departments of the Company. PPC takes all appropriate steps in order to ensure the accuracy, consistency and completeness of the information to be published. Nevertheless, PPC shall not be liable for any spelling or other mistakes when republishing the said information and shall not provide any explicit or non-explicit guarantee with regard to the suitability of the content and the information in case of any application, purpose or use by third parties. The content of this portal is provided on an “as is” basis without any guarantee explicitly stated or resulting in any way whatsoever and without allowing visitors/users to make any change or intervention thereto. PPC does not guarantee that the pages of its Website, their content and their services, will operate and be provided uninterruptedly and error-free, that any mistakes or omissions will be corrected and that all questions submitted will be answered. Visitors/users should evaluate the information and the content of this Website and assume responsibility for any possible risk posed by their decision to rely upon this content. 

PPC makes every possible effort to control and protect from viruses the information contained in its Website as well in the hosting servers. Nonetheless PPC neither assumes nor bears any responsibility for any loss, modification or destruction of data or software or hardware of the user that may occur during or following the use of the present Website, while any cost incurred for any restoration, replacement or repair shall be exclusively borne by the visitor/user. In any case, users are advised –when connecting to the Web- to use antivirus software.

5. Users’ personal data
All data obtained by PPC through the present Website, whether sent by the users or collected during users’ browsing, are subject to the legal framework governing the confidentiality of personal data and in particular the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. Moreover, such data are used exclusively for the purposes for which they were sent. In the context of the aforementioned Regulation, PPC, as Data Controller, in order to inform its customers has posted on its webpage a relative document entitled “Information about Personal Data”.

More specifically, through the present Website, PPC may collect exclusively the personal details-data of its users/visitors. Such data are considered to be only those which can be used to determine the identity of or to communicate with the users/visitors. The user/visitor explicitly agrees to make available the above mentioned personal data, where necessary. PPC may use personal data for information purposes or in order to send e-mails or announcements/news to the registered user/visitor, provided that it has obtained the explicit consent of the user/visitor, in accordance with the procedures provided for by the law. PPC does not transfer and does not disclose to third parties any personal data of the users/visitors of its Website, which are not related with PPC, without the consent of the user/visitor, except for cases of implementation of the relative provisions-stipulations, and solely to the competent Authorities. 

For statistical purposes as well as for the improvement of PPC’s services-information, the company may process a part or all of the data sent by the visitors/users. Users/visitors may contact the administrator of its Website at in order to verify whether PPC keeps their personal record and request corrections, modifications or deletion thereof. 

The collection of non-personal data for the identification of web users is allowed through the present website with the use of corresponding technologies, such as cookies or/and monitoring of IP addresses etc., as these arise from the communication of the web browser with the server.

Cookies are used in order to optimize the function of the webpage as well as browsing, linking and moving from one page to another. They are also used in order to analyze the way by which visitors are using PPC’s Website, how they are browsing or whether they are experiencing problems. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is only used to improve the configuration and the content of the Webpage. The cookies are stored on the user’s computer and can be removed at any time.

Users can find in web browsers, either in the Settings or in the Privacy and Security, their browsing history and delete it if so desired. The cookies cannot store email addresses or phone numbers.

PPC uses the following types of cookies on its website

a) Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for the proper function of our webpage; they also enable the user to properly browse and access its services, e.g. access to secure areas of the webpage. Some of the services and features of the webpage cannot be provided without the use of these cookies.

b) Performance cookies
These cookies collect information about the way the visitors use the webpage, for example which pages they visit more frequently, whether they receive error messages from webpages. These cookies do not collect information which identifies the visitors. All information collected by these cookies is aggregate and therefore anonymous. It is only used in order to improve the operation of the website.

c) Functionality cookies
These cookies allow the webpage to remember the preferences made by the user and offer more personalized functions. These cookies can also be used in order to remember changes the user has made on the webpage e.g. language settings.

The user can personalize the webpage functionality with regard to the use of cookies through the terms of use page, by giving or withdrawing his consent to the use of cookies as described above. Depending on the choices made by the user, the latter may have limited access to some services, uses or functions provided by the present Website.

It is noted that PPC shall not be liable for the policy of personal data protection of third parties’ websites, to which the user has access through hyperlinks on the present website.

7. Data from Public Online Consultations (E-consultations).
PPC’s Website allows its users/visitors to engage in participative processes and public consultations involving current topics in the form of questions. The answers of the users/visitors participating in such process are recorded, analyzed and taken into consideration by PPC in order to draw conclusions in relation to the topic raised for public consultation through the participative process. PPC reserves the exclusive right of collecting and making use of such information and the findings are made available to the public through this Website.
PPC shall set out the special terms of the participative process and public consultation. The user/visitor shall accept to transfer to PPC all intellectual property rights derived from his participation in public consultations, as described above.

8. Interactive Services.
In the context of provision of interactive services, PPC may provide on line discussion boards (message boards/forums) enabling, thus, the users/visitors to participate in discussions about current topics by posting written messages. The web user/visitor shall be obliged to comply with the rules of good conduct and decency and is not allowed to use any unlawful or inappropriate language and to communicate or/and disclose any kind of personal data concerning third parties. In case of violation of the above rules, PPC reserves the right to deny or remove such written messages. Under no circumstances shall PPC be considered that it accepts or embraces in any way whatsoever the thoughts, views and actions contained in the said messages/forums. PPC may check, correct or even delete the content of the user’s/visitor’s messages. The user/visitor accepts to transfer to PPC all intellectual property rights PPC derived from his participation in the message boards, as these are described above.

Furthermore, the present Website allows posting of communication forms, announcements and interactive areas. The user/visitor shall be exclusively liable for the above ways of communication and for the consequences deriving from such posting. PPC shall not be liable for the consistency, accuracy or reliability of the data posted on interactive areas or for the consequences which may arise from the use of this Website. In no case can PPC be considered that it accepts or endorses in any way whatsoever the thoughts, views and actions shared by the user/visitor. The user/visitor accepts to transfer to PPC all intellectual property rights deriving from such communication via message boards, communication forms and interactive areas, as these are described above.

9. Modification of Content and Services.
After obtaining any required approvals, PPC reserves the right to modify at any time without prior notice the content of its Website, as well as the Services provided. However, it assumes the responsibility to update the present document in relation to any addition or modification.

10. Proposals-Comments
The PPC’s Website was developed based on the following key design principles: usability, transparency in the presentation of information, as well as optimal provision of services to the users.
To this end, users are allowed and even encouraged to post comments and proposals which contribute to the improvement of the Website content and to the updating of the provided services.
Consequently, if you have any comment, proposal or query to make, do not hesitate to contact us. For further information see Chapter Communication.

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